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Forex (from English «Foreign Exchange» — «currency exchange») or FX is an International Monetary Market. Today, its daily trade turnover by various estimates is about 5-7 trillion dollars, what makes Forex the largest financial market in the world

What is Forex?

The most important thing in Forex is the exchange rate between two currencies in a currency pair, which is also called a quotation or a price. The price can vary very quickly, sometimes several times per second, so in Forex you can make many trade deals 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. In general, currency quotes reflect the economic situation of a country. If the Eurozone economy is stronger than the US economy, the euro, respectively, will grow compared to the US dollar (EUR/USD) and vice versa.

What is a Contract for Difference, CFD.

CFD trading involves entering into a contract between two counterparties (the seller of the asset and its buyer) on transferring the difference between the current market value of the asset that is valid at the time of entering into the contract (opening of the trading position) and its value upon the expiration of this contract (closing of the trading position) without physical delivery of the specified asset from one party to another. In case the price of the asset has increased between the opening and closing of the transaction, the buyer will receive a difference of this price from the seller, and if the price has decreased, the seller will receive this price difference from the buyer. As a rule, the validity period of such a CFD contract is not specified by the parties involved in the transaction and may be terminated at the request of one of the parties that has such a right (one of the counterparties). On that basis, the contracts for difference in price (CFD) relate to derivative financial instruments on the underlying asset, what allows to make profit both at increase and decrease in the price of the underlying asset, whether it be a commodity or a security. With regard to securities, like shares and bonds, CFD is a derivative instrument from a contract for the purchase of shares or bonds, which allows speculating simply on the price changes of these securities, without need of registration of the ownership on them. CFDs were created to meet the demands of small exchange speculators, who do not possess the necessary capital for security trading, because to make transactions by contracts for difference in price, it is necessary to deposit only a small part of own funds as compared to the actual value of the asset. As a result, CFD trading has significantly expanded the scope of activity of private traders on the exchange market.

  • For better understanding at the cost of what and how to earn on Forex & CFD, it is enough to imagine the following situation. Let's say you found out that tomorrow the dollar will grow by exactly 2 times. What would you do?

  • There is nothing to think about. - You would most certainly have gone to the nearest bank or exchange office and bought dollars for the entire amount of money that you would have at the moment. And tomorrow you would sell these dollars and earn 100% profit on this transaction.

  • Let's say that at the moment when you found out the tomorrow's rising cost of the dollar, it cost 25 rubles. You had an opportunity to buy 1000 dollars, having spent for this transaction 25000 rubles. The next day the dollar rate rose to 50 rubles, respectively, your 1000 dollars rose in value to 50,000 rubles, which you received by selling dollars. In the course of this 2-day transaction, you would earn 25,000 rubles of net profit, initially investing a similar amount. The same is in Forex - a profit is made due to the purchase of a financial instrument at a lower price with the subsequent resale of it at a higher one.

Example of a trade transaction in Forex

In the summer of 2016 you could earn $ 30,000, having invested initially $ 10,000, having sold the GBP/USD currency pair at a price of $ 1.5000 and having closed the deal at a price of 1.2000 in 2.5 months. The largest geopolitical event of 2016 was BREXIT, a referendum on the membership of Great Britain in the European Union, the unexpected results of which were announced on June 24, 2016, as a result of which the British pound sterling fell in price toward the US dollar on 1780 points in less than 6 hours, having established an absolute minimum after a fall in price to a mark below $ 1,2000 on October 7, 2016. You could earn 3,000 points of profit from a deal open for the sale of the GBP / USD currency pair with a full lot at a price of $ 1,5000 and closed at $ 1,2000 in 2.5 months, what equals to $ 30,000.

Forex Market Features

  • Profitably

    Trading on Forex is carried out with a leverage that allows to work with such significant amounts that even barely noticeable fluctuations in the exchange rates can bring an impressive profit;

  • At any time

    Forex is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week since trading on it around is carried out around the world, not in one place, for example, in the exchange market. That makes it possible to trade at any convenient time;

  • High liquidity

    Forex has a very high liquidity that results in uninterrupted access to trade transactions by all market participants;

  • Earn on a direction of a trend

    With Forex it is possible to earn both on the growth of the prices, and on their falling, as a result the choice of an input to the transaction depending on a direction of a trend is relieved;


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