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Is forex a game?

Everything depends on how you allocate your time and energy. Forex can bring quite a decent income without taking a lot of time. So it can be consider a kind of profitable hobby. With all this, many traders prefer to focus exclusively on Forex and to arhieve the maximum possible professionalism. You decide how much time and effort do you want to give to the exchange trade and whether you want to do something else at the same time.

How many currency pairs are traded on the forex market?

At the moment there are more than 70 currency pairs in the forex market. But mostly only a few pairs are used. The most popular currency pairs: eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy and usdcad. At the most popular pair of these five is eurusd (euro dollar). Approximately 70% of all transactions on the forex exchange occur on this pair.

How to trade oil in forex?

The advantage of gold is that it is always liquid because it is one of the most popular financial assets. Gold trading in forex takes place in lots. One lot is equal to 100 troy ounces (3110.34 g) of gold. Gold is considered one of the most stable instruments. Therefore, it is perfect for keeping the assets.

How to trade oil in forex?

Oil can be of different varieties: brent (europe), wti (usa), middle east crude (middle east). 1 lot of oil is 1 barrel. The price of oil largely depends on the political situation in the world. Therefore, for successful oil trading, we recommend to resort to a well-written fundamental analysis which you can always use on the Eternity Finance website.

What is a «lot» in trading?

There are two currencies in a currency pair: basic and quoted (a quotation). The price is calculated from the correspondence of one unit of the base currency to the quoted currency. For example, if 1 euro = 1.25 dollar, then the euro is the base currency, because we consider the price for one unit, and the dollar is a quoted currency, because we will calculate the cost of one euro with its help. On forex it is written like this: eur/usd 1.25

Can i lose money trading in the market?

You can lose all your invested money in a matter of minutes after you start trading if you do not know what and how you do, and that’s why we advise you to listen to Eternity Finance forex consultant in how you can limit potential losses before you open a trading position.

What is the spread in the forex market?

The Eternity Finance company earns only from the spread at the opening of the position. The company does not act against the customer, i.e. It doesn’t care did your deal win or lose. The more a client earns, the more he increases his ability to open new positions, giving the company an opportunity to earn on the spreads.

Who are brokers and dealers in the forex market?

The dealer makes transactions with clients on his own behalf and at his own expense. The forex broker carries out trading operations on behalf and under the instruction of the client. The income of a forex broker is a commission charge, the dealer’s income is formed due to the difference (spread) between the price of buying and selling currencies and cfds.

Is it possible to earn in the forex market?

How much can i earn in the forex market is the main question for those who are just mastering in trading. There are no exact answers to it. Everything depends on a number of circumstances: the state of the market, the skill of the trader, the size of the deposit, the accuracy of the analysis and many other factors.

Is forex a game?

It has been said that trading in the forex market and in other financial markets (including on the stock and commodity exchanges) is akin to a casino game: you bet on a rise or fall in the exchange rate – and you win if your forecast was right. Therefore, many come to the market and start trading, relying on luck. They do not think about their steps, do not try to learn to forecast market trends, do not go into the study of methods of trade, and instead act impulsively, as players in gambling.

What is a «lot» in trading?

When you place a trailing stop (for example, at 50 points), the following happens: the terminal does not take any action until the position reaches the profit of 50 points (the specified amount of the trailing stop). After that, the terminal exposes the stop-loss at a distance of 50 points from the current price (in this case at breakeven level). When the quotation with the distance of 50 points between the current price and set stop-loss is received, the terminal sends a command to change the stop order to a distance of 50 points from the current price. That means the stop-loss «follows» the current price for a distance of 50 points. Thus, the trailing stop is a specific stop-loss control algorithm – «movement following the price in profit». Trailing stop works only when your trading terminal is launched and connected to our server through the internet.

Are my personal data protected?

Of course. All your personal information is securely protected with the help of the latest technology, what provides an absolutely safe trading process. All operations carried out on the Eternity Finance website are guaranteed to be protected by a security certificate, according to the requirements of the ssl protocol.

Who is a trader in the forex market?

By definition, a trader is a participant in the forex market (a person, a group of people or an entire organization) who performs some kind of speculative operations with financial instruments or their derivatives (currency, stock, futures, raw materials, etc.). Therefore, a trader can be called anyone who trades in the international financial market.

What is a «lot» in trading?

Due to the fact that trading on the forex market is carried out by standard lots in the amount of 100 thousand currency units, a trader who does not have such money needs a credit or a loan. Dealing centers and brokerage companies provide such a loan with a leverage of 1:10, 1:30, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, etc. Thus, by opening a deposit of 10000$, a trader can manipulate the sums up to one million us dollars. Such trade is called marginal.

It is any good to open a demo account or start trading immediately on a real one?

It’s rather difficult to answer this seemingly simple question. Opening a demo account, a trader can train in trading. So to say, he gets the first experience without risking to lose real money. At the same time, traders who successfully trade on a demo account become too self-assured and when going to a real account very often they unreasonably risk, and as a result they lose their deposit. This is due to the difference in the psychology of trading on different accounts. Trading on a real account, all steps are more thought out and calculated, compared to working on a demo version. Each trader must decide himself what works best for him.

How does the fundamental analysis differ from the technical analysis?

Is it possible to use only one of them when trading in the forex market? Fundamental analysis is the analysis of the forex market, based on the events occurring in the world (political, economic, natural, etc.) That can affect its condition. Technical analysis is an analysis based only on mathematical calculations. It is possible to use one of them to predict the market, but the full picture will not be displayed. Therefore, most experienced traders use both types of analysis at the same time.

What is the spread in the forex market?

Spread is a difference between the purchase (ask) price and the selling (bid) price of a financial instrument that is traded in the market at any particular time. It is due to this difference that both banks and brokers make a profit on the sales/purchase transactions conducted by their clients. It is important to understand that the spread value in the course of trading in the forex interbank market cannot be fixed, since this difference between ask price and bid price depends on a number of parameters such as volatility and liquidity.

What is «gap» and when it can arise?

«gap» is an incurrence of price gap in the market, when the rate can move up or down discretely, without transactions at intermediate prices. The gap often occurs, for example, when the market opens on the night of sunday to monday, when important events for the market took place on the weekend. Accordingly, the activation of orders in the formation of a gap occurs at the first market prices that formed after the «gap».

What is volatility in the forex market?

Volatility is the average range of the price of a financial asset from minimum to maximum values over a certain period of time. This parameter is quite contradictory, because due to it one trader can record a significant profit and the other can make a loss, however, such risk can be reduced due to compliance with risk management parameters.

What is liquidity in the forex market?

Liquidity is the ability of an asset to be sold as quickly as possible at a market price at the desired time. Among all financial markets, forex is the most liquid, but liquidity for various currency pairs, as well as other derivative financial instruments is always different, and depends on the time of trading operations.

What is a «lot» in trading?

Trade in the forex market is carried out immense volumes. Therefore, the standard amount of any financial instrument, which is being traded is called a lot. Simply said, a lot is a measure of the size of a traded position, which is special for each particular instrument. For example, for a currency pair euro/dollar, the lot is 100000 dollars, and for a pair dollar/pound – the lot is 70000 pounds.

In what situation can the order be executed not at the declair price?

Buy stop, sell stop and stop loss orders are the condition when the market order is sent to the market. It is executed not by the declared market price, but by the market price available at the moment of processing order. For this reason, the price at the time of order processing may not coincide with the value specified in the order. Buy limit, sell limit and take profit orders are executed at the price indicated in the order or at a more favorable price if there are corresponding prices at the moment of its processing.

How quickly can i start trading in the forex market?

Immediately after replenishing the balance of your trading account you can start trading. You can independently analyze the behavior of the price of your favorite trading instruments, relying on technical or fundamental analysis, various public information, as well as following your own intuition and experience.


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